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The "Boston States" is a term that Canadians have used to describe the magnet migrations to the New England area. The migration pattern results are reflected in the 1990 census map above. You may be quite surprised by the ancestry shown in the other demographic maps also found at 

Hamrick software has provided another tool by mapping surname distributions with the US 1850, 1880, 1910 and 1990 census information at The color coded population densities show you where a family name was concentrated and spread over the course of 140 years.

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History, Travel and Museum Aids for research:


GenConnect Acadian-Cajun

Genealogy Vacations in the Maritimes

Travel Canada

Museums in Canada

Canadian Heritage at Canadian Museum of Civilization at

Canada GenWeb pages

CanadaGenWeb Archives


The Canadian Museum of Rail Travel


Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador

Southern Newfoundland Seamen's Museum

Mary March Regional Museum

Other NF museums

Avondale Railway Museum

Botwood Heritage Centre

Harbour Grace Historical Society


Prince Edward Island

Island Register - Prince Edward Island's Premier Genealogy Home Page - completely searchable site

PEI GenWeb Project - lots, place names, counties and towns, island directories, family surnames and genealogies, FHC, archives and libraries, churches, newspapers and obits, historical societies, museums, guides and maps, Mi'kmac, Acadian, Celts and pipes and tunes, Scots, Loyalists, governments and finances, military and arms, occupations, archives and cemeteries, ships, lighthouses, sea disasters, mills, newspapers, reference books and supplies, links and lists, queries and lookups, announcements and reunions, census and ship data


Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia History - historical societies, museums, maps, timelines, Mi'kmac, Scots, Montbeliard French, Blacks, Planters, archaeology, architecture,weather, governments and finances, military and arms, towns and forts, agriculture, archives and cemeteries, medical, mariners and fishermen, sail and steam ships, shipyards, lighthouses, sea disasters, mills, textiles, newspapers, pony express and stage coaches, railroads, canals, mines, coal, electric and telephone companies, cable and telegraph, schools, water power, fire departments, streetcars, blueberries, cars and license plates, plane flight, television

Nova Scotia GenWeb Project - counties and towns, databases, VRs, archives and libraries, churches, newspapers and obits, societies and museums, geography and maps, telephone and postal lookups, reference books and supplies, links and lists, queries and lookups, announcements and reunions, census and ship data, Loyalist, military, Planters, Acadian, Mi'kmac


New Brunswick

Heritage Resources, Saint John, Saint John, New Brunswick



Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid

Ontario Museum Association

Brockville Museum on the St Lawrence River

Roosevelt Campobello International Park Commission, Campobello Island, New Brunswick

A Chronology of Ontario (Upper Canada / Canada West)



Canada GenWeb pages

CanadaGenWeb Archives



Site links and travel planning for US Historic sites and events at /

US Museums

United States Genealogical and Historical Resources at RootsWeb

US GenWeb pages



RootsWeb Maine

Maine US GenWeb Archives

Maine US GenWeb Cemetery transcriptions

The Maine Maritime Museum

Maine Watercraft Museum

Jackman Moose River Historical Museum

Maine Narrow Gauge RailroadMuseum in Portland - Bridgton & Saco River RR, 1883-1941; Kennebec Central RR, 1890-1929; Monson RR, 1883-1943; Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes RR, 1879-1935; Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington Rwy., 1893-1933


New Hampshire

GenConnect New Hampshire

New Hampshire

RootsWeb New Hampshire

New Hampshire US GenWeb Archives

New Hampshire US GenWeb Cemetery transcriptions



Vermont US GenWeb Archives

Vermont US GenWeb Cemetery transcriptions

Vermont History information on most VT towns, towns in counties, and lists town clerks



Massachusetts US GenWeb Archives

Massachusetts US GenWeb Cemetery transcriptions

Boston area museums

Charles River Museum of Industry, Waltham, Massachusetts.


Rhode Island

Rhode Island Historical Cemeteries Transcription Project

Rhode Island US GenWeb Cemetery transcriptions

Rhode Island US GenWeb Archives



Connecticut US GenWeb Archives

Connecticut US GenWeb Cemetery transcriptions

1824 and 1835 Connecticut State Maps

Connecticut River Museum

Museum of Woodworking Tools


New York

New York US GenWeb Archives

New York US GenWeb Cemetery transcriptions

Hudson River Maritime Museum

Westchester County Historic sites

Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area

Museums of the Capital District of New York



Site with parallels to US patterns of Canal History and Canal Museums - The Boat Museum, National Waterways Museum, Black Country Living Museum, Stoke Bruerne Canal Museum, Water Folk Canal Centre


Additional Resources

Religious, Ethnic, Migration Resources:

American Anthropologist at

Anthropological Forum at

British Studies at

Canadian Museum of Civilization at

Census Research Intro at

Celtic Christianity, History and Genealogy at

European Emigration Profile at

Federation of Small Anthropology Programs at

GENUKI Contents Page at

Handbooks for Foreign Genealogical Research at

Immigrant Arrivals: A Guide To Published Sources form the Library of Congress at

Luxembourg emigration in the 19th century essay at


Naming practices of New England settlers provides an overview of their cultural and social ideologies at

Origins of Nations at

Population Research Links:

Status Groups and Structural Endogamy at

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Charlotte County "The Pilgrims weren't Puritans" Rev. Samuel A. Trumbore

What Led to the Puritan Emigration of the 1630's? at

Cyndi's List at

Everton Genealogical Resources From or About Churches, Societies, Ethnic Groups, Adoptees, etc. at

FamilyFinder Religious Genealogy Resources at

Memorabilia Corner at


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